Sweetcorn & Peanut Curry

Delicious vegetarian curry ready in 30 minutes. This is inspired by a Gujarati curry and is an unusual dish. Ingredients 2 onions, roughly chopped2 tbsp sunflower oil1 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp black mustard seeds3 garlic cloves, chopped1 tin chopped tomatoes or 4 fresh tomatoes, chopped1 tsp chilli powder1 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp ground coriander1 tsp ground cumin½ tsp sugar½ tsp … Read More

Chetna's Coriander-peanut-chutney

Best Coriander Peanut Chutney

Chutney is so important in Indian cooking as it brings the food alive and gives more flavour. This chutney can be made in minutes and then frozen in small portions to use when needed. Ingredients 30g peanutsSmall onion, roughly chopped3 small, green chillies, ends removed2 garlic cloves, peeled20g mint leaves40g coriander leaves½ tsp salt1 tsp sugarJuice of 1 lime/lemon Method … Read More

Chetna's Peanut-masala-Stuffed-baby-aubergines

Peanut masala stuffed baby aubergines

Baby aubergines are usually found in Asian supermarkets and have a quite different taste to larger aubergines. If you can’t find them though, you can substitute normal-sized aubergines, cut them into chunks. Leaving the peanuts in their skin really adds to the nutty flavour. Serves 4 Ingredients For the filling:80g peanuts, skin on2 tbsp gram flour½ tsp salt½ tsp turmeric1 … Read More