Spicy Chilli Cheese Toastie

Are you looking for a quick snack or lunch? Then I’ve got the perfect recipe for you! It’s a spicy, cheesy toastie and it’s absolutely delicious. Makes 2-3 Ingredientsoil of choice1 red onion, finely chopped1 green chilli, finely chopped1 tbsp fresh coriander, roughly chopped50g cheddar cheese, grated50g mozzarella, grated4-6 slices of bread¼ tsp black mustard seedsbutter Method– Add 2 tbsp … Read More

Homemade Pizza

This pizza dough is super simple to make. My favourite topping is chicken and sweetcorn but feel free to top it with whatever you like. Recipe makes 4 pizza bases. IngredientsFor the Dough450g strong white flour50g fine semolina7g salt7g yeast320ml water, luke warm For the Topping400g chopped tomatoes2 garlic cloves200g sweetcorn2 roast chicken breasts, shredded2 mozzarella balls, shredded200g cheddar, grated … Read More

4 Ways to Cook Aubergine 

Aubergine is a one of vegetable that really needs to be cooked properly for its full flavour to be enhanced. I’m going to teach you how to cook Aubergine in 4 delicious ways which will have you falling in love with this humble vegetable. Grilled Aubergine with Walnuts This is a great side or snack to be eaten alongside your … Read More

Mozzarella and Pesto Toastie

Toasties are an absolute lunchtime staple – super easy to make and one for the kids to enjoy as well! Ingredientsciabatta bun (or your choice of bread)pesto1 medium tomato1 ball of mozzarellaa handful of grated cheddar cheesesalted butterolive oil Method– Slice your buns in half and generously spread the pesto. – Chop the tomato into thin slices and place on … Read More

Sundried Tomato & Mozzarella Bread

This is an absolutely divine recipe for a soft, pillowy bread, with the intense hit of sundried tomatoes. So easy to make and the perfect accompaniment to a homemade soup or vegetable dip. Ingredients250g bread flour or strong white flour6g salt6g quick action dried yeast200ml lukewarm watermozzarellasundried tomatoes Method – Add the flour, salt, and yeast to a large bowl. … Read More

3 Cheese Toastie

A delicious sandwich, perfect for lunch, dinner or a snack! The three cheeses bring different textures and flavours, making a perfect combination.Serves 2 Ingredients100g paneer, gated100g cheddar, grated100g mozzarella, grated1 small onion, choppedsaltground pepperchilli powderfresh corianderfour pieces of sliced white bread Method – Add all of the cheeses to a bowl and add a small amount of chopped onion and … Read More