Coffee, Walnut and Chocolate Cake

This is an absolute treat of a cake with amazing flavour combination this is a winner. Also really easy if you want a one bowl mixture. Hope you will try this and enjoy it as much as I did! IngredientsFor the Cake 200g unsalted butter, softened200g caster sugar200g self-raising flour3 tsp instant coffee powder mixed with 1 tbsp boiling water4 … Read More

Chocolate Cake with Biscoff Buttercream

This chocolate cake is an absolute treat with a light chocolate sponge and a Biscoff buttercream for the topping, which makes it extra special. The recipe was created in collaboration with my friend, Anthony Amourdoux. IngredientsFor the Cake 100ml whole milk50ml sunflower oil 2 eggs225g self-raising flour225g caster sugar65g cocoa powder1½ tsp bicarbonate of soda½ tsp salt For the Buttercream150g … Read More

Easy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake

Can you believe that this deliciously moist and fluffy chocolate cake needs only 3 ingredients? You can use any topping you like but please do try this cake with this chocolate ganache as it makes it very special and utterly delicious! IngredientsFor the Cake Mix350g biscuits ( I used digestives and oreos ) 350ml warm milk 2 tsp baking powder … Read More

Caramel & Chocolate Traybake

This traybake is the ultimate chocolatey, moist, and creamy cake. The light sponge is topped with a dark chocolate ganache which makes it super rich and did I mention it’s really easy to make? Ingredientssalted caramel sauceroasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped For the Cake Mix250g unsalted butter, softened250g caster sugar 175g self raising flour ½ tsp vanilla extract 3 large eggs, … Read More

Chicken Fajita Style Traybake

This is a perfect mid-week family meal or packed lunch! You only need one-tray and 30 minutes.To save time, you can use ready-made tortillas.This recipe is inspired by “The Shortcut Cook All in One” by Rosie Reynolds. Serves 4-5 Ingredients For the Fillingoil of your choice1 red pepper, roughly chopped1 yellow pepper, roughly chopped1 large brown onion, roughly chopped4 chicken … Read More

Chetna's Chicken-bake

Chicken and Potato Traybake

This recipe uses basic store cupboard spices and is so simple to prepare, simply pop it in the oven and you can relax while it cooks!Serves 4 Ingredients1 tsp cumin seeds1 tbsp coriander seeds6-8 cardamom pods2 onions, finely chopped2 tbsp butter2 tbsp of sunflower oil2 potatoes, peeled and quartered2 green chillies, whole with a slit cut along the length1 tsp … Read More