Masala Alu

Here’s one of my go-to recipes when I’m in the mood for something quick, vegetarian, and delicious. Learn how to make masala aloo with this easy recipe. It’s a fuss-free option for a satisfying weekday meal!Serves 4 people. Ingredientsoil of choice1 tsp black mustard seeds10-12 fresh curry leaves2 green chillies, halved1″ fresh ginger, finely chopped2 brown onions, thinly sliced2 medium … Read More

Mushroom Masala Curry

Try out this simple yet delectable mushroom masala curry that pairs perfectly with chapati or rice. It’s wonderfully creamy yet light, creating an amazing flavour combination. Give the recipe a shot – I hope you enjoy every bite!Serves 4 people. Ingredientsoil of choice1 cinnamon stick8-10 cloves4 green cardamom pods1 bay leaf1 tsp cumin seeds2 red onions, finely chopped4 garlic cloves, … Read More

Mushroom Curry

Hope you will try this simple yet stunning recipe for delicious Mushroom and peas curry cooked in onion, tomatoes and pepper sauce.Serves 4 people. Ingredientsoil of choice2 brown onions, roughly chopped3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped1″ fresh ginger, roughly chopped3 large tomatoes, roughly chopped½ red pepper, roughly chopped400g mushrooms, thinly sliced½ cinnamon stick1 bay leaf1 tsp cumin seeds1½ tsp salt1 tsp … Read More

Vegetable Gyoza

These are one of my favourite things to eat when I go to Wagamama and since we are all at home I decided to try and make them myself. With a lovely mushroom filling these were a delight to eat.Makes 24 gyoza. Ingredientsoil of choicecornflour to dust your worktoplarge cookie cutter For the Filling 400g chestnut mushrooms, roughly chopped4 large … Read More

Chilli Mushroom Stir Fry

This recipe is inspired by Fuchsia Dunlop’s recipe in her book ‘The Food of Sichuan’.Serves 2  Ingredients250g shiitake mushrooms, sliced into long and thin pieces75g potato starch/cornflour1 green bell pepper, roughly chopped8 dried red chillies, seeds removedoil of choice1 tsp whole Sichuan peppers3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced1” piece of ginger, thinly sliced1 ½ tsp chilli bean paste1 tsp sesame oil … Read More

Grilled Palak Paneer Wraps

These vibrant and fresh Grilled Palak Paneer Wraps, Indian street style, are inspired by Saliha Mahmood Ahmed recipe, from her book ‘The Kitchen Prescription’.Serves 4 people. IngredientsFor the Marinade6 garlic cloves1 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp coriander seeds1 tsp chilli flakesjuice of ½ lemon2 tbsp extra virgin olive oilhandful baby spinach leaveshandful fresh coriander leavespinch of salt to taste For the … Read More

Crispy Cheese, Leek & Mushroom Wraps

Simple yet effectively delicious meal, whether you enjoy it for lunch or dinner, this will be something that will please everyone!Serves 4 people. Ingredients2 leeks, roughly chopped500g chestnut mushrooms, roughly choppedsalted butterolive oil¼ tsp white pepper¼ tsp black pepper½ tsp garlic granules ¼ tsp salt1 tbsp chilli oil (optional)250g cheddar cheese, grated½ mozzarella ball4 tortillas Method– Add 1 tbsp of … Read More

Garlic Mushroom Cheese Puffs

You asked for it! This mushroom cheese puff is super comforting.Serves 2 people. Ingredients300g chestnut mushrooms, thinly slicedsunflower/vegetable/rapeseed oil1 tbsp salted butter1 brown onion, roughly chopped2 garlic cloves½ tsp salt½ tsp chilli powder1 tbsp double cream1 handful tenderstem broccoli1 pack ready rolled puff pastry2 cheese slices1 egg Method– Add 1 tbsp of oil and salted butter to a hot pan. … Read More