Vegan Aubergine Curry

Indulge in the simplicity of this delicious aubergine curry – quick to make and even quicker to cook. Joining me in the kitchen is the lovely “Laughing Ananas,” bringing fantastic vibes to this flavourful dish. Serves 4. Ingredientsoil of choice1½ tsp panch phoron/ bengal five spice2 onions, roughly chopped2 aubergines, roughly choppedsaltturmeric powder2 garlic cloves, grated1″ fresh ginger, grated½ tsp … Read More

Mushroom Curry

Hope you will try this simple yet stunning recipe for delicious Mushroom and peas curry cooked in onion, tomatoes and pepper sauce.Serves 4 people. Ingredientsoil of choice2 brown onions, roughly chopped3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped1″ fresh ginger, roughly chopped3 large tomatoes, roughly chopped½ red pepper, roughly chopped400g mushrooms, thinly sliced½ cinnamon stick1 bay leaf1 tsp cumin seeds1½ tsp salt1 tsp … Read More