How to make Onion pakora/bhajji – Food with Chetna

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This recipe made by my mum is super easy and delicious onion pakora that taste great with some chutney or ketch up. You can make them fresh or prepare them before hand and reheat them in the oven.

Do give this a go. Its great with barbecues, burgers, salads and sandwiches. Subscribe to Food with Chetna to see even more amazing recipes and get your creativity flowing!

4 thoughts on “How to make Onion pakora/bhajji – Food with Chetna”

  1. this is so exciting as these are my favourite indian treat – cannot wait to try it! Now I have to amke coriander chutney too. thank you from Melbourne, Australia. Come visit !

  2. Dear Chetna,

    First I would like to complement you with a great style of making the videos. I have prepared a lot of terrific recipes and I have the book healthy Indian. But with this recipe of the Onion Bhajji I have a problem. It is not mentioned in the book and in the video I can’t follow the ingredients and their amounts. This is the first time. But I love to cook your recipes. I’m a India lover. I am Dutch and have been about 12 times to India, say all together about 4 years. These recipes reminds so much of all the good India have to offer.

  3. Hi Chetna
    Love love love your recipes and watching you.
    Could you please tell me the spices that you use in your Pakora. I get the Gram flour, but unsure of the name of the name of the “something masala” power and other powders. My sound obviously isn’t good on my device.
    Thank you.


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