Its Chocolate Time! Semi-final week GBBO

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It’s Chocolate Time and semi-final week of the GBBO and I was really excited to see who will make it to the finals, along with 10 million others! The bakers all looked quite tense and I could feel the tension in the tent. We were challenged with entremets in last year’s semi-final and I still clearly remember the nervous tension that week.

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The first challenge unsurprisingly was Chocolate Tart. Think its easy? Not according to the judges who both were expecting immaculate perfection!

Flora did some elaborate decorations and used a passionfruit chocolate tart as the base for her decorations. Her love of freezers is quite something. Paul after some serious thought decided he liked Tamal’s tart but was less impressed by Ian’s use of caramel. Nadiya managed to get a Paul handshake for her peanut butter chocolate tart.

The technical challenge was to make Chocolate soufflé. The bakers were given staggered times to bake, which caused major confusion and slight amusement in the tent. None of the bakers seemed to like this challenge much. In a complete reversal of fate Nadiya ended up coming last while Flora won the challenge.

For the last bake before the finals the bakers had to bake a Chocolate Centrepiece. Tamal managed to pull off his ambitious Chocolate Bell Tower but the judges were not impressed by his decorations. Flora’s carousel with dog shaped horses caused much amusement but failed to impress.

Nadiya made a colourful Peacock centrepiece. Obviously! This looked great but more as a centrepiece than dessert. Ian made an amazing chocolate well complete with a bucket dipping in liquid white chocolate.


So in the end Tamal, Nadiya and Ian got a place in the Finals while Flora became the last baker to leave the tent. Nadia won the Star Baker for the third time in the series. I am already starting to miss the Bake Off knowing its going to be around for just one more week!

I felt very honoured when I was asked to open the new kitchen at Ellington school in Ramsgate. I feel very passionately about healthy diet for children and pupils of Ellington Infants will now benefit from healthy nutritious meals cooked on the premises.

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