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My little food trip to Old Delhi!

Being born and brought up in India I have always loved the street food India has to offer. So when I was in India in November I took out time to go and explore a bit of Old Delhi, which I have visited in the past while researching for my book ‘Chai, Chaat & Chutney’. But there is so much more to see and taste and for this trip I went along with my sister Niti and Chef Manisha from ITC Maurya.

We headed into the narrow lanes around Jama Masjid and found this little restaurant serving delicious meat curries served with freshly made naan and tandoori roti and the best sheekh kebabs you could have with some spicy chutneys.

And just outside was a paan stall where I got to enjoy my favourite plain paan which is betel leaves filled with different powders, spice mixes and supari.

Next we walked through the streets taking in all the sounds and noises, the madness of the everyday market in its busiest time of the day. You can find all sorts of things being sold, with shoes to clothes to utensils and between these shops are little food stalls. This market particularly had more meat stalls, busy barbecuing marinated meats serving them with tandoori breads and lots of different chutneys.

Our next stop was the famous jalebi stall in Chandni chowk. After a bit of walk on the busy streets we finally found the stall which was heaving with people queuing or pushing each other to buy some of the famous jalebi, which were piped fresh in the hot oil and once cooked soaked into this sticky sugar syrup, all fresh and ready in minutes. These guys were working fast but the crowds didn’t seem to be getting smaller as more and more people kept coming to buy this. In the end all I can say is that those jalebis were worth all the effort.

The market is full of shops selling clothes and jewellery and between these shops I could see food stalls selling pani puri, kulfi, samosa, pakoras, rabdi and lot more. There were shops that were packed from top to bottom with different kinds of snacks like the bombay mix we all know very well here in the U.K.

Our next stop was a famous tikki chaat stall which was making these stuffed potato cakes and cooking them fresh and serving these hot crispy cakes with coriander chutney and tamarind chutney with some sweetened yogurt. The flavours packed in that dish alone was mind blowing.

On our way out of the market we found the Kanji vada stall which is lentil vadas served in tangy mustard water. I had never tasted that before and I immediately fell in love with the very refreshing flavour of the water and the vadas in it. Something I would love to try and make at home sometime soon.

This was a great way to end our little tour of the busy streets of old Delhi trying some delicious street food. Other than these shots I took on the day I have also made a very short video to give you a glimpse of the chaos and the amazing food on my Youtube channel ‘Food with Chetna’ link to the video here –

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New episode of ‘EATING OUT’ – Prawn Saganaki at Suvlaki!

Welcome to the new episode of series – ‘Eating out’ where I will be visiting a new restaurant every month and meeting the chef who will show me a recipe.

This month I am visiting ‘Suvlaki’ a popular Greek place where chef Alfred Prasad will show me how to make prawn saganaki which is a simple yet absolutely delicious recipe.

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Palak Paneer (spinach paneer) & Palak Alu (spinach potato) recipes

This is one of my go to recipes for a great vegetarian meal. Palak paneer is a very popular north Indian meal great to eat with chapati or rice. It is not only easy and quick to make but really healthy and delicious. I am also showing how to make palak alu in case you have no paneer at home. Hope you will enjoy this recipe.

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New Series ‘EATING OUT’ Falafel at Honey and Smoke!

This is my new series – ‘Eating out’ where I will be visiting a new restaurant every month and meeting the chef who will show me a recipe. I will also be tasting some of the most popular dishes of the restaurant with a friend. This month I am visiting ‘Honey & Smoke’ in London where chef Itamar is showing us how he makes the famous falafel.

My friend Romy, a chef and restauranteur is joining me to taste the food.

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Cardamom, coconut and almond Quaker oats!

Cardamom, coconut and almond Quaker Oat So Simple!

The New Year marks a time when we take a moment and think about our family and their nutrition. We seek out new balance and check back in with what we’re putting in our bodies and breakfast bowls.

So what better way to start the year than with a delicious breakfast creation, that will keep your taste buds singing during the dreary months.

I have teamed up with Quaker Oats to bring you one such delicious porridge recipe. My family are all big fans of a hearty breakfast but mornings are not ideal to be spending lots of time in preparing breakfasts, which is why I love the ‘Quaker Oat So Simple Original Porridge’. These little sachets are so quick to make and I can cater to different choices of my family by adding a variety of different flavours.

My recipe is “Cardamom, coconut and almond Quaker Oats So Simple!”

I have taken inspiration from my favourite Indian sweets to come up with this flavour combination. Cardamom, coconut and almonds are popularly used together in a variety of Indian sweets. Here, the flavour of cardamom is sweet and aromatic which goes beautifully with coconut and adds texture to the oats. The almond gives it a lovely crunch and you can finish the oats with any fruits you have at home, although I would highly recommend mango, banana or strawberry.

1 pack Quaker Oat So Simple, original
180ml semi skimmed milk
4 cardamom pods, seeds beaten to powder
1 tbsp desiccated coconut
1 tbsp maple syrup plus a little extra to finish
15g roasted almond flakes
½ mango or ½ banana cut into small pieces

Empty the oats packet in a pan (or microwave). Pour the milk on top and cook for 2 minutes on medium heat. Take it off the heat and add cardamom, coconut, syrup and half the almonds. Mix it all well and pour it into a serving bowl. Sprinkle the rest of the almond, drizzle a couple of drops of syrup and put the chosen fruit pieces on top. Serve hot.


A little inspiration!

I created this recipe in partnership with Quaker Oats which has just launched a competition to celebrate the tasty and versatile oat by rewarding consumers who invent the most inspiring porridge or overnight oats recipe with an amazing £10,000 cash prize each week.

To be in with a chance of winning, you are invited to get creative and share your ultimate take on the timeless breakfast oat in whatever form you like and using whatever additional ingredients you desire to make your most impressive dish (or bowl!) possible.

For porridge fans who want to get involved, you simply, follow these steps:

1. Take a deliciously stunning picture of your oat entry
2. Upload it onto Instagram using the hashtag #ShowUsYourOats and @QuakerOatsUK. Alternatively you can visit the website www.quaker.co.uk/showusyouroats to enter, or submit your entry in response to Quaker’s pinned Facebook post at Facebook.com/QuakerOatsUK

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Delicious Cucumber Raita recipe

This is a great side dip for all the hot and spicy food and helps give a cooling finish to the meal. With very few ingredients this is ready in minutes and tastes very refreshing.

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New series – ‘EATING OUT’ Chicken Biryani at Dishoom!

I am super excited to launch my new YouTube series – ‘Eating out’ where I will be visiting a new restaurant every month and meeting the chef who will show me a recipe. I will also be tasting some of the most popular dishes of the restaurant with a friend.

This month I am visiting ‘Dishoom‘ in London where chef Naved is showing us how he makes the chicken biryani.

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