One-Pan Fish & Broccoli Curry

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You only need a few ingredients and one pan for this delicious dish! Ready in under 30 minutes and easy to make as usual.
I like to serve mine with some toasted sourdough.
Serves 4

oil of your choice
1 tsp chilli oil (optional)
handful of curry leaves
1 tsp black mustard seeds
2 red onions, roughly chopped
2″ fresh ginger, grated
4 garlic cloves, grated
400g chopped tomatoes
1 tsp honey
1 red pepper, roughly chopped
vegetable stock
2 large handfuls of broccoli, roughly chopped
1 tsp salt
½ tsp chilli powder
2 tsp curry powder
300g skinless cod fillet, washed

– Add 2 tbsp of oil and chilli oil to a hot pan. Add the curry leaves and black mustard seeds, and let them sizzle for 1 minute.

– Add the onions and cook for 7-8 minutes until lightly golden.

– Add the ginger and garlic, stir through, and cook for 1 minute.

– Add the chopped tomatoes and 1 tsp honey, stir through, and cook for 1 minute.

– Add 100ml of boiling water, cover, and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.

– Add the red pepper, stir through, cover, and cook for 5 minutes.

– Meanwhile, add vegetable stock to 500ml of boiling water. Then, add this to the pan and cook for a further 5 minutes.

– Add the salt, chilli powder, curry powder, and broccoli. Stir through, cover, and cook for 5 minutes.

– Chop the cod into equal chunks and add to the curry. Make sure the fish is covered in sauce and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Serve with piping hot basmati rice or some toasted sourdough.