Coconut Potato Sandwich

This sandwich offers a delightful fusion of flavours, combining tender potatoes in a fragrant curry coconut sauce, sandwiched between slices of perfectly toasted sourdough bread for a satisfying and aromatic lunch bite.

Smashed Potato Sandwich

This sandwich is a delightful combination of creamy smashed potatoes and crunchy coleslaw, layered between slices of focaccia for an extra satisfying and flavourful bite.

Ultimate Vada Pav

This is the king of Indian sandwiches. It’s a popular Indian street food, featuring a spicy potato fritter nestled in a soft bun and topped with flavourful chutneys.

Alu Cheese Sandwich

Alu simply means potato and I’ve spiced up this sandwich with a homemade turmeric loaf but you can use a white loaf instead. It’s comforting , flavourful and oh so cheesy.

Bombay Sandwich

This sandwich was the meal I had the most when I was studying Fashion in Mumbai and had a lot of nostalgic memories attached to it.

Potato and Cauliflower Rice

This is a light and delicious rice recipe which is easy and quick to make. You can add other vegetables to this like carrots and beans.

Potato Canapés

Elevate your party with these super delicious potato canapés! Prep them in advance and assemble just before the party.

Matar Alu

Elevate your midweek dinner with this quick and healthy curry that’s ready in minutes and tastes amazing. Whether you opt for fresh or frozen peas, and choose Maris Piper or any good potatoes, this dish is a winner. Pair it with naan or rice for a delightful and satisfying meal!Serves 4. Ingredientsoil of choice1 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp black mustard … Read More

Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls

Relive the nostalgia with one of my childhood favourite snacks – crunchy bread rolls! These delightful treats, filled with spiced potatoes, were a lunch box staple and a weekend delight. I’m thrilled that my family now enjoys them too, making the experience even more special. Try these golden-fried delights with ketchup or chutney for a tasty trip down memory lane. … Read More

Potato Puffs

These delightful little snacks are perfect for parties or picnics, and with ready-made puff pastry, they’re incredibly easy to whip up. Whether you prefer them hot or cold, pair them with chutney or ketchup for a satisfying treat. Don’t miss out—give these a try and enjoy the delicious simplicity!Makes 16 puffs. Ingredients2 ready-to-roll puff pastryoil of choice1 brown onion, finely … Read More