Home-baked Bread

A perfect everyday recipe for a simple white loaf, or ‘cob’. This loaf has a beautifully crisp crust with light, fluffy crumb on the inside. Makes one loaf Ingredients400g strong bread flour8g salt8g fast action yeast30g unsalted butter, softened300ml waterOlive oil MethodIn a bowl, or the bowl of a stand mixer, add the bread flour, salt, fast action yeast and … Read More

Top 4 parathas!

I love stuffed parathas, they are not only easy and quick to make but also quite satisfying and filling to eat, great comfort food. These can be enjoyed with raita, pickle, chutney or on its own. Also good for packed lunches and picnics as they can be prepared a bit ahead. Best to cook them in some homemade ghee but … Read More