Gram Flour Cheese Sandwich

This recipes combines my favourite, gram flour toast, with my kids favourite, grilled cheese, to make a unique twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich with a hint of Indian-inspired flavours.

Beany Sandwich

This sandwich features a hearty bean patty infused with nutritious seeds, sandwiched between slices of ciabatta, offering a satisfying and wholesome meal option packed with flavour and texture.

Mushroom Cheese Sandwich

Even though my kids dislike mushrooms they would happily devour this delicious sandwich. Mushrooms and cheese are a match made in heaven.

Smashed Potato Sandwich

This sandwich is a delightful combination of creamy smashed potatoes and crunchy coleslaw, layered between slices of focaccia for an extra satisfying and flavourful bite.

Chickpea Sandwich

The chickpea and potato sandwich with yogurt dressing is a hearty and refreshing meal, combining spiced chickpeas and potatoes with a tangy yogurt sauce in a crispy focaccia bread.

Yoghurt and Vegetable Sandwich

I know it sounds odd to add yoghurt to a sandwich but trust me, you’re going to want to try this – it makes such a different to this delicious lunchtime bite.

Egg Mayo Sandwich

The addition of mango chutney to this classic makes this recipe extra special. Once you try it, you’ll never want to have it without mango chutney again!

Chocolate Sandwich

This is an absolutely delicious and indulgent treat. All you need is a few ingredients for a warm and tasty snack.

Pesto and Mozzarella Sandwich

This cheese and pesto toastie is a delectable blend of gooey melted mozzarella and vibrant pesto, grilled to perfection between crispy slices of bread.

Masala Omelette Sandwich

Alu simply means potato and I’ve spiced up this sandwich with a homemade turmeric loaf but you can use a white loaf instead. It’s comforting , flavourful and oh so cheesy.