Chetna's Pickle-spiced-aubergine-curry

Pickle Spiced Aubergine Curry

This vegetarian/vegan aubergine curry is special as it has really aromatic, deep flavours of achar – pickle in Hindi – these are usually soaked in seed and mustard oil and I used this flavour as a base for this curry. Ingredients 2 tsp fennel seeds2 tsp coriander seeds1 tsp mustard seeds1 tsp cumin seeds1 tsp nigella seeds/onion seeds½ tsp fenugreek … Read More

Chetna's Peanut-masala-Stuffed-baby-aubergines

Peanut masala stuffed baby aubergines

Baby aubergines are usually found in Asian supermarkets and have a quite different taste to larger aubergines. If you can’t find them though, you can substitute normal-sized aubergines, cut them into chunks. Leaving the peanuts in their skin really adds to the nutty flavour. Serves 4 Ingredients For the filling:80g peanuts, skin on2 tbsp gram flour½ tsp salt½ tsp turmeric1 … Read More