Mango Kulfi with Chocolate and Hazelnut Praline

To make a proper Kulfi you need hours and a lot of patience. This is my version which is a lot faster but still delicious! 

100g hazelnuts
150g caster sugar
2 ripe mangoes, peeled and deseeded 
400ml double cream
100ml condensed milk
3 tbsp whole milk powder
200g chocolate
1 ½ tsp coconut oil

– Place the hazelnuts on a baking tray and roast in the oven at 200°C for 10 minutes. Once cooked and cooled, rub the hazelnuts with a clean tea towel to remove the skins.

– Add the caster sugar to a pan and cook on medium heat. As it starts to melt, lower the heat, and stir it regularly. Add the hazelnuts and combine. Pour onto a  baking paper lined tray. Once it has completely cooled, break it up roughly with a rolling pin. Transfer to a blender and blitz until it forms a coarse powder.

– Add the mango pieces to a blender and blitz into a pulp.

– Pour the double cream, condensed milk, whole milk powder, and mango pulp into a pulp, and whisk until smooth.

– Add 3 tbsp of the hazelnut praline to the mix and whisk to combine.

– Transfer the mixture into a jug. Use this to pour the mixture into the kulfi moulds/popsicle moulds/Tupperware. Make sure not to fill to the top as it will expand when frozen.

– Cover in tin foil and pierce a hole in the middle to place the wooden spoon or popsicle stick inside. Place in the freezer overnight.

– Melt the chocolate in a Bain Marie. Add the coconut oil and stir to combine. Transfer the melted chocolate to a large cup.

– Take one kulfi out of its mould and dip into the chocolate. Let the excess chocolate drip off. Sprinkle some praline on the top. The chocolate should set after a few seconds. Enjoy straight away or place on a baking tray and back in the freezer for later. Repeat the process with the rest.