GBBO is back!

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It seems unbelievable that a year has flown by since The Great British Bake Off 2014  went on air! The GBBO class of 2015 were announced to the public last week. It was really exciting and strange to see the new bakers.


I can still clearly remember the day when our names and pictures were released to the public last year. Many of us had gathered at my house for that weekend and we woke up to the news being released in the papers and online.

Bake Off 2014 papers

It was a surreal and slightly scary experience to watch our faces plastered all over the media. We nervously waited for the public reaction and were delighted and relieved by the lovely comments we got from the Bake Off fans.

I am sure the new bakers will be experiencing the same feeling of nervous excitement. As part of the amazing Bake Off family I feel I already have a bond with the Class of 2015. I am sure GBBO 2015 will be as exciting and entertaining as the last one. I wish them all the luck and will be watching from the edge of my seat!

Food with Chetna

In case you haven’t done so already don’t forget to check my YouTube channel Food with Chetna. I will be posting  exciting recipes and ideas every week on the channel.

Have you Cake and eat it too!

In other news the Scientific Advisory Committee (SACN) has recommended that we should cut down the amount of sugar we eat. The new recommendations are that adults should restrict the amount of sugar consumed in a day to seven teaspoon or cubes, half of what is currently recommended.

I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with Cathy Newman and Dr Aseem Malhotra on Channel 4 News. I firmly believe that home cooking and baking is the answer to this health crisis. The Great British Bake Off has inspired the country to bake at home and this is a brilliant way of keeping tabs on what we eat. We should encourage our kids to bake and cook to empower them for their future. You can watch the Channel4 Video here.

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