Food Month 2018

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Waterloo Food Month 2018

With so much good food on offer in London it is sometimes difficult to decide where to go first. So when I got an invite to ‘The Waterloo Food Month’ I was excited about the food. This is a month long festival that happens once a year and is now in its 7th year. The local restaurants, cafes and businesses all take part to make it special.

The food month is organised by ‘We are Waterloo’ and there is lots on offer, from Sunday jazz to mojito masterclass, chicken wing competition and much more.

I chose to do Flavours of Lower Marsh Market walk’ with Market Manager Carole Powell for a summery stroll down Lower Marsh Market. I was looking forward to trying a range of street food from around the world and learn more about the history of one of London’s oldest and best-loved streets.

I started at this stunning mural which felt like it was welcoming me to the food party.

The long street was packed with food stalls and the busy lunch time meant I could hear the food sizzling on the pans and lovely aromas coming from different stalls. Here is a row of wraps being prepared with delicious kebabs, salad and lots of different dressings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this fried chicken pad thai served in an omelette, perfect flavours with unique presentation.

This plate of food is Trinidadian inspired street food with sweet sour mango, beans, tamarind chutney, paratha and lots of deliciousness served together.

Here is some Caribbean food being prepared with some gorgeous chicken served with rice and beans, a complete treat. 

These crispy samosas were difficult to resist and were great with some lentils and rice which was also being served here.

Just at the same time I heard lots of music and cheering and I turned my head to view this carnival headed by this dancing pineapple and it was a joy to watch.

Not only is this market full of great food but also has some great handcraft stalls selling beautiful jewellery, soap, perfumes, plants and much more.

And then I came to this most creative street called the Leake Street tunnel or the Graffiti tunnel and sometimes called the Banksy tunnel! This space is covered in the most creative graffiti from the ceiling to the floor, with amazing colours and designs and mind blowing talent.

This particular face drawn on the ceiling caught my eye and with the lights made quite an impact.

And of course who could miss this one which is on point.

Here was one which was in progress and I caught the artist standing back and trying to decide her next move.

This festival is on all of July and I would highly recommend you visit the food market or attend one of the events as I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you will too!

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