Chocolate Pistachio Kheer

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Chocolate pistachio kheer

This Diwali I am bringing you a classic dessert with a twist, a little addition of chocolate ganache will make your kheer even more special and delicious. Cooked using Tilda Pure Basmati this is a lovely dessert to end a festive meal.

(serves 2)


700 ml whole milk

60 gms Tilda pure basmati rice

40 gms granulated sugar


For the ganache

50 ml double cream

25 gms dark chocolate, roughly chopped


To serve

Handful of chocolate curls

Handful of pistachio, roughly chopped


Wash the rice a few times in cold water and let it soak for 30 minutes then rinse. Heat the milk in a pan and bring it to a boil, then add the rinsed rice to it.


Cook on low heat and let it simmer for 30-35 minutes until the rice is soft and cooked. Keep stirring every 5 minutes else the milk will burn and stick to the bottom of the pan. Now add the sugar and mix well.


Place the chopped up chocolate in a bowl. In another pan heat the cream to just boiling and pour this over the chocolate and mix until the chocolate is melted you have a lovely shiny ganache. Now pour half of this ganache over the kheer and don’t mix it.


Spoon the kheer with swirly ganache into 2 bowls. Now drizzle the left over ganache on top and sprinkle some chocolate curls and pistachio and serve warm.

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