Chicken Curry (Handi)

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One of my best chicken curries. Creamy and delicious!

20 cashew nuts
20 almonds
1 cup milk
1 whole chicken cut into large pieces/ 8 chicken thighs
1.5 tsp salt
1.5 tsp turmeric powder
1.5 tsp ground coriander
1.5 tsp chilli powder
½ tsp garam masala
3 green chillies, finely sliced
7 garlic cloves, grated
1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, grated
5 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 handful ready-fried onions
1 medium onion
sunflower/vegetable/rapeseed oil
1 cinnamon stick
1 mace
5 cardamom pods
2 bay leaves
2 tbsp tomato puree

– Cover the cashews and almonds with milk in a small bowl. Place in the microwave for 20 seconds, to warm the milk. Let it rest for 30 minutes as you prepare the chicken.

– Add the chicken and 1 tsp salt, turmeric, ground coriander, and chilli powder to a large bowl.

– Then add 1 finely sliced green chilli, 5 grated garlic cloves, ginger, and yoghurt and mix well with your hands. Leave to marinate for 1-2 hours.

– Add 3-4 tbsp oil to a large hot pan. Add the cinnamon, mace, cardamom, and bay leaves. Let it sizzle for 2 minutes.

– Add the onion and the remaining chillies. Cook for 10 minutes until golden.

– Add ½ tsp salt, turmeric, ground coriander, chilli powder, and garam masala to the pan and stir through.

– Now add all the chicken to the pan along with 2 tbsp of tomato puree and 100ml of boiled water. Cover and cook on low-medium heat for 20 minutes.

– Meanwhile, blitz the cashews and almonds until smooth.

– Add this to the chicken curry and cook for a further 25 minutes.

– The chicken should start to fall off the bone. Once cooked, let is sit for 30 minutes if you have time.

This curry pairs perfectly with my homemade naan or basmati rice!