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Blackberry Meringue Cake with Berry Sauce

This recipe for Blackberry Meringue Cake with berry sauce, that I have created for Carrs Flour, is a perfect recipe for celebrations with family and friends.

You can watch the video to see how I make this recipe and also find the detailed recipe here.


I hope you will try and enjoy this recipe!


  1. Margaux says:

    The Blackberry Meringue Cake looks beautiful and delicious, and the Berry sauce looks scrumptious, too! Cannot wait to try this recipe. Thank you!

  2. yasir jamal says:

    wow looks amazing. watched you on tv recently here from the USA, thru netflix. Loved you. will watch your videos.

  3. Anne van Gemert says:

    I cannot get the recipe up.
    Is it not available anymore?
    Enjoy the cooking and have ordered the book in Australia.
    Thank you for making an old woman happy. (81)
    Learning a whole new way of cooking.

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