Baking an Autumn Tree- Get Creative

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Baking an Autumn Tree

I got a chance to do something really creative recently when I was asked by BBC- Get Creative team to come up with something really artistic using my baking skills.

I decided to bake an Autumn Tree using Cake and biscuits. I was really pleased with the gorgeous tree I was able to make. You can read about the whole process of How I made the Autumn Tree on the BBC website.

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Whatever it is that makes your creative juices sing, go for it and don’t be afraid. You might have disasters on the way but you will also find that one thing that gives you immense joy.

So don’t wait and GET CREATIVE!

Food with Chetna

I was super excited to be baking, cooking with another Great British Bake Off Star Iain for Food with Chetna. We cooked up a storm and if you would like to find out what we got up don’t forget to subscribe to Food with Chetna


I finally got a chance to cook with my mum for Food with Chetna. This is my most favourite video yet!

She made amazing Aloo Parathas, Indian Flat breads stuffed with amazingly spicy and delicious potato filling. These are perfect for any meal or for packed lunches.

These are a MUST TRY! Enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful broadcast!!!! Thank you for sharing your mother’s talents ( and yours!!) You were a favourite GBBO contestant to watch. All the best from Canada


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